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Big Ridge Gun Smiths'
Shipping Information

We can receive your gun anytime at our shop in Okeechobee. Here are just a few simple shipping instructions and helpful hints.


    B.R.G.S., Inc.
    32801 U.S. Highway 441 North, #68
    Okeechobee, FL 34972

    Before you ship, always contact us by phone at 863-446-2439 so that we are expecting the shipment.

    Ship a minimum of 3-day air via Fed Ex, Priority U.S. Mail, or UPS . We have had the best results using Fed Ex and the U.S. Postal Service. Some shippers may tell you that only a licensed firearms dealer can ship firearms. NOT TRUE. You can ship to a licensed firearms dealer or manufacturer and they can return-ship directly to you. You do not have to use a dealer for shipping when sending your gun for repairs or modifications.

    Please Note: It is illegal to ship handguns via the U.S. Postal Service. Handguns must be shipped next-day air via Fed Ex or UPS.

    We strongly recommend you package your own firearm and not use the "pack and ship" stores. They are poor gun packers, use over-size boxes (which add up to higher shipping charges due to the extra volume) and they probably can't legally ship firearms because they don't have a federal firearms license.

    All three shippers have 3-sided (triangular) "tube boxes". When packed correctly, they will handle most breakdown firearms. These boxes are 6"x6"x36" for FedEx and UPS and 5.5 x5.5x 25" or 36" for the United States Postal Service. The USPS tubes do not have heavy enough cardboard to handle a complete gun; barrels or butt stock and receiver maybe. When shipping USPS, we use a FedEx box folded inside out. When a document box is required, stay with either a FedEx or UPS box. The postal document boxes are neither large nor strong enough. Document boxes, telescoped together will handle a receiver with butt stock attached. For receivers only, a small document box from FedEx or UPS will work with packing or USPS box #0-1096L is just the right size requiring minimum packing.

    NEVER ship any package without your return address and the recipient's address INSIDE the package. When shipping a gun to us, we require your name, address, phone number, a description of your firearm (make, model and serial number) and the services you desire. IF THIS INFORMATION is not with your gun, WE WILL NOT start any work until we hear from you by phone or letter.

    When shipping to our home shop address (Okeechobee, FL), please address the shipping label to B.R.G.S., Inc.

  7. TIPS:
    1. If using a box from a different shipping company, or the manufactuers box, spray paint over the lettering from the competing shipping company or the firearms manufacturer.
    2. Boxes are free from FedEx, UPS and USPS.
    3. Loosely wadded newspaper is still the best packing material and its re-use is also environmentally friendly.
    4. Do not advertise that the package contains a firearm. Cover, paint over, or put in a second box to obscure any firearm information.